J. Fashion – Gyaru Café

Gyaru Cafe – The cafe mainly focuses on how girl looks. All the cute ganguro girl staffs are fashionable conscious girls. Without necessary of being too polite, the stylish gyaru cafe treats people as a close friend that make anyone to be comfortable which helps enforce the casual atmosphere. There are many things for girls to do, like eating, talking, shinken- shirahadori game, and sharing makeup experience. The food based on the theme of ganguro, like, Ganguro Takoyaki. It is a actually good place where the girls can do makeup for you. If anyone interested in ganguro makeup, you will be made up in the ganguro style with a fake wig just like a gyaru.

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J. Movie – Harmonium

Harmonium淵に立つ—- The story begins in the family of Toshio, Akie (his wife), and Hotaru (his daughter). Toshio works at a machine shop while he wants Yasaka (his prison friend) to help out his work……….. Hotaru likes to practice the harmonium and Yasaka has stayed at Toshio’s home to bond and teach her with music while quite being helpful his work at machine shop……… Even Yasaka was a prison, Yasaka still becomes a big part of Toshio family. However, Yasaka fall in love with Akie while Toshio begins to becomes suspicious about that……..When Toshio is not home, Yasaka tries to rape her at his home but failed to do so, then he tried to beat, rape and sexually assult Hotaru……… leaving her quadriplegic to be a disabled person……… Yasaka ran far away………….


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J. Culture – Snow Monster: Mt. Zao

Snow Monster Mt. Zao 蔵王山 It is a famous skiing place where is located in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. It is about a half hour driving from downtown of Yamagata. There are a different slopes and courses to offer different level riders where are covering by a large area of ice trees. Falling snow settles down on the ice formations that gives the result of odd and fanciful combinations of giant tree figures. Trees are glazed with ice of  “Juhyo樹氷” ….We called them “Snow Monsters”.  This place is also popular for those who like to enjoy hot spring in the village. It is a time to improving your skiing and snowboarding techniques here……


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J. Fashion – Hijabi Lolita Style

muslim-lolita1Hijabi Lolita Style –  The word “hijabi” describes Muslim women who wear the headscarf everyday…………..Lolita is a style of women dressing with the original silhouette consisting of a skirt with a shape of “cupcake”. The new combination of Lolita and Islam style has distinguished anyone within both the Lolita and Islam worlds. With inspiration of  Victorian-era dress, this kind of a style of dress has started and gained lots of attention in Japan and worldwide. It is a best choice for the enthusiast girl fan who likes to dress this style of Lolita as a daily uniform…………

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J. Culture – Monkey Islands: Shodoshima小豆島

monkeyimagefield1Shodoshima小豆島 – This small ‘beans’ island where located in kagawa prefecture of Japan. The island comprises some district areas of Shozu, like Tonosho and etc…….. Shodoshima is best known for its wild animal, like monkeys. Monkeys are usually living in the mountain. People can walk, observe, and feed the monkeys in the park. During winter time, those cute monkeys like to take hot springs spa(They Love It!). There is also a trained Choshikei mountain monkey show for tourists to enjoy everyday.  The monkey park gets people to an travel observation deck with views over the island and sea……..Also, tourists are attracted to a small version of the ‘Shikoku Pilgrimage’ temples figures……..


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J. Fahsion – Genderless Kei

kawaii-boy1Male in Japan have been tried some alternative ways to use the skills of female fashion to create some beauty styles of the indeterminate sex.  We called them ‘genderless kei’ . These kind of people or idols are usually slim-bodied with cute faces. Many wear makeup with dying their hair too. In Japan, these fashion idols have attracted young girls……. ……Since genderless Kei male is a very new fashion genre, the styles vary around Japan. For the beauty standard, genderless kei males or idols are actually not follow their own traditional gender rules but they will also not pass as that of women too.  Maybe we should called them ‘Kawaii Boys’ .

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J. Culture – Suicide Cliffs: Tojinbo東尋坊

evilmonk-1Suicide Cliffs: Tojinbo東尋坊 – It is located in north part of Fukui Prefecture, Japan. There are an dark old shape rocks which made by a volcanic eruption million years ago.  These shaped rocks standing as high as 70 foot over the crashing waves of the Sea. With the sea, these dangerous cliffs can make one the promise to die quickly and wash away all one’s blood………. Before hundred years ago, there is a dark legend that talked about a “evil” monk – Tojinobo – committed to suicide and returned to the cliffs for haunting people(Scary!)………It is a well-known place to commit suicide by jumping off the cliffs every year. This number has risen due to unemployment or divorce. People sometimes are mad to see dead bodies out of the sea……..

Link —-> http://www.travel-around-japan.com/k48-08-toujinbou.html

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