J. Movie – Silence沈黙-サイレンス-

Silence沈黙-サイレンス-Priest Cristovao Ferreira witnessing the physical torture makes he has been trying to bring to the faith there. The priest seems to be no help in the presence of Japanese authorities conducting the torture killing. The other priests Sebastião Rodrigues and Francisco Garupe arrives in Japan, the priests are hurry to find Christian populations driven underground. Priests surprise when a samurai searching for suspected Christians whom people refer to as the “Inquisitor”, straps some people to crosses to let the tide drowns them dead……   ……Rodrigues joins later with Kichijiro, who betrays him before. A samurai, who had accompanied the “Inquisitor” to Tomogi, tells Rodrigues that other captured Christians will suffer from that……  …..Rodrigues is then taken to Nagasaki, where he is brought to the shoreline. He then saw the prisoners in the distance approaching on the shoreline. The prisoners are taken offshore on a boat and are about to be drowned to get Francisco Garupe to renounce his faith……..

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J. Culture – Haunted Village: Oboke Yokaiお化け妖怪

お化け妖怪Oboke yokai Village – Towns inhabited by yokai – ghosts. These places include Yokai Street in Tokushima, Taishogun in Kyoto, and Sakaiminato in Tottori, have developed a yokai culture. Since ghosts inhabit the oboke yokai village, the population of village has been decreased rapidly these days. People believe that it is a birthplace of the yokai legend – konakijiji, which is the reason causes many people left ….. Also, Mizuki Shigeru road is a street with interesting statues of yokai in Sakaiminato where is the birthplace of Shigeru Mizuki, who is the creator of famous manga – Gegege No Kitaro. In addition, there are many cute yokai characters appear at Taishogun, Kyoto. Many yokai characters are displayed in various “yokai ghost” events every year…..

Links: https://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/spot/cityscap/mizuki-shigeru-road.html



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J. Fashion – Fur Leg Warmers

Fur leg warmers are made from a variety of materials, including fake fur, leather, wool, and etc.  It can be removed by using different fasteners. The reality is that these leg warmers with fashion accessories worn that are popular in the winter everywhere in Japan. People share the boom information with each other of  how cool of furry leg warmers really are. One can see that how cool the girls show up their cute furry leg warmers in front of people which are integrated into several kinds of clothes. Many clothing stores have different style of furry leg warmers in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Harajuku. The fur leg warmers trend crosses many different age of the groups from young cute gyaru of Shibuya girls to the rich ladies of Omotesando. It is definitely a good way for one who wants to wear something nice that expresses their individuality.


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J. Drama – Naotoraおんな城主 直虎

Naotoraおんな城主 直虎 – The Ii Naomori’s daughter has tried to govern the Totomi region of the country. Since there are no men left in li family successors, Naomitsu wants his son (Naochika) to marry her for inherit of the clan. But, Naomitsu then turn back to decide to be a rebel to Imagawa that ended up to get killed himself.  This result leads to Naochika, his son, was so young who is protected by priest, Nankei. After he grows up and returns town for a rebellion. Then, he is killed by Imagawa Ujizane. With all kind of obstacles, Naotora Ii (Jiro, Kou Shibasaki), has to become a real female lord of the clan. Then, she faces hard battles alongside Tokugawa clan, but many helps her to keep moving things forward.



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J. Culture – Ninja Town: Koka Shiga甲賀市

KōkaShiga甲賀市 – It is a small town where is located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Kōka Shiga is a well known for the history of ninja. There are many places one can visit, like, ninja theme park, museum, mansion, shu-ri-ken hall and Shinobi-jinja shrine. It has the Fujibayashi ninja house where is fully equipped with tons of ninja secret passages, traps and weapons. These things allow ninja for escape easily from the enemy and avoid any intruder get in and out of the house. It also has wall climbing course and an obstacle course in which one can try to do it. Of course, it is FUN 🙂 ………………. but, not free.


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J. Fashion – Kawaii Heart Shaped Ponytail Hairstyles

Beauty is everything girls want to do, like sweetheart shaped ponytail hairstyles. The hairstyle trend has been sweeping across many social media. Many Japanese girls these days have tried out the Kawaii heart-shaped hair style for a day or night out, like, meeting a boyfriend at a fancy restaurant. The style might seem like a lot of work for an adorable look to deal with, but compliments are sure to be a great cute look. Here is the direction…….1. Separate the top half of hair into 2 parts to create the half updo. 2. Braid multi-strand braids with elastics. 3. Roll the braid around the braid 4. Secure with pins and redo the other side of hair 5. Pull together the two ends of the braid with  elastics.  6. Remove the elastics after seeing the heart shaped ponytail . 7. Curl your hair. You are done!

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J. Movie – Fukushima, mon Amour

Greetings from FukushimaMaire, German woman, joins the circus and travels to Japan for helping the people of 2011 nuclear disaster survivors. She brings the joy to people who are living in Fukushima shelters. After that, she meets Satomi, Fukushima’s last gensha, who wants to go back to the area of radioactive exclusion area. Marie decides to stay and help her life. One night, they need to confront and see the ghosts of their “respective pasts”………..Scary…………

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