J. Fashion – Yume Kawaii Style ゆめかわいい

t1aa“Yume Kawaii ゆめかわいい” ……….It is an icon of dreamy cute style for girls who like the fashion and female character that was very popular in Japan, like sailor moon or etc………. Its fashion has a concept that comes with the magical girl characters. Many are wearing different style of the wigs. It has a touch of darkness that means not only center around the styles of cuteness, it also has a magical dreamy feel to  it …………One of the most important style elements is the “sick face” look. The style of Yume kawaii isn’t cute only, it’s a combination of fairy tales and illness look. The specifications of these girls are: 1. Hair – Using light pink or red, light lavender or blue, milky white are all welcome………..  2. Makeup – Using many circle lenses, glitter under the area of the eyes that makes the face so impressive. ………….. 3.  Options – Adding feathers, ribbons, and other cute materials in their looks………….

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J.Culture – Furoshiki風呂敷


Furoshiki風呂敷 –   

Furoshiki can be made of a variety of silk, cotton, rayon and nylon. It is a wrapping cloth skill that is used to transport anything, like wrapping or transport lunch boxes….. In ancient Nara period of the days, people use this skill for bundle clothes in public bath. This skill is good to prevent things to mix-up of other clothes bundle…….Today it is more like the wrapping flat folded bundle(hirazutsumi平包) to serve as a meaning for products to transport, protect and decorate. As the matter of the fact, it has been an increased interest as people concern of environmental protection where it promotes caring reducing waste(No Need plastic bags!) by using this fun Furoshiki wrapping cloth skill.

link –> http://furoshiki.com/techniques/




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J. Fashion – Shinonuri白塗り

shironuriMU1Shironuri – A fashion style that is “painted in white makeup” which is referencing white geishas face in stage. This style is very special from the Harajuku community, so they are not common in J.fashion. Shironuri style mixes and borrows lots of inspiration from Lolita, Victorian, Kabuki, Geisha, Mother Nature(patterns on leaves, the shapes of flowers, the grooves of the tree) styles and so forth. In long time ago, aristocrat men and women usually painted their face for showing the status in Japan. Japanese culture and shinto religion signify white color as light that represents God…………surrounding with the mother nature………





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J. Culture – Sanrio Purolandサンリオピューロランド

keio-plazaSanrio Purolandサンリオピューロランド is a theme park in Tama City, Tokyo, Japan. The  park is owned by the company of Sanrio. The company hosts many musical places, merchandise stores, and the rides using cute Hello Kitty characters and so forth……… It attracts many vistors from Japan and oversea because of the popularity of Hello Kitty. Sanrio Puroland also offer many stores for selling popular cute character gifts. Tourists can join a boat ride in which Cinnamorroll can lead the riders to a party being held by Kitty, passing through the homes of Kerroppi’s pond and Badtz Maru’s cave………. Tourists can also tour Kitty’s house which includes fancy furniture and a cute bath-tub, and displays of her merchandises, like her makeups……..  There are many cute theaters, candy theme area, ice cream factories, bread and juice park, and chocolate factories places where vistors can take a look…….

Link – http://en.puroland.jp/



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J. Fashion – Decora Makeup デコラメイク

decora__makeup1Decora style – you can often see in the streets of Harajuku, Japan and then began to get more popularity outside of Japan. A plain shirt or hoodie in black, pink, and neon colors and hoodie was worn with short skirts. The hair and make-up tends to be simple. The important part of decora is to pile on numbers of the cute layers accessories all over the body with wearing stockings, knee socks, monster headpiece, pompom earrings, hama beads rainbow choker, and mismatched leggings…..This kind of ‘decoration’ is worn by young Japanese teens. It creates the look of funny and cuteness with different color of layers…….Girls use items include Hello Kitty, Pokemon, bright plastic jewelry, coloured hair clips and bobbles and fuzzy boots or other cute merchandise…… It’s a mix and match combination “things” ALL together……..

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J.Culture – Hachi 猫のハチ the lottery cat

hachi1Hachi 猫のハチ has two black markings above her eyes that considered an adorable symbol of good forture in the fur. Her name of “forture eyebrows” as an employee of the small shop in Mito, Japan. These days tourists or vistors have come to catch a momentary of the Hachi’s forture markings. Hachi was born after the 3.1.1. earthquake in 2001 and was quickly taken and gives her to a local tobacconist’s owner to look over her during the daytime.  The owner hopes that Hachi would bring a good forture to local business shops which are affected by the earthquake.  Many people have come from all other places to the shop to buy lottery tickets because of seeing her that hopes good things happened to them………


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J. Fashion – Manga Makeup

gigantic-eyesManga Makeup – It’s a makeup style of comic books that is originating in Japan. However, this makeup has been a way beyond of normal cultural Japanese art form…… …… The look of the style is usually Halloween cosplay-like parties, and young people are the most like and use of this crazy makeup during attending of Manga event………… It has a certain way of wearing cosplay clothes and working makeup looks together. People use different color as the predominant choice for their makeup. Also, differentiate, create or place the special type of Manga lashes around the eyes is also important ………….However, in order to have the desired style of anime/manga special effect, people usually change the eye color with different contacts. They also likes to brush on eyeshadow around eyes and with large eyelids that will make the eyes very large size which are assoicated with the manga character they choose………….  They have used dark eyeliner or black macara to draw a V shape through the corner of their eyes to extend the outline longer onto the waterline of each eye. Some use teaspoons to pull the skin around your eyes tight to have a good look wide-eyed effect. ………….that is just some of the ways on how one may want to make the manga eyes makeup………….



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