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J. Fashion – Steampunk Style

Steampunk Style – The concept of Steampunk clothing combines the brass-Victorian aesthetic and 19th century industrial technology. These steampunk-inspired outfits are accented with different technological accessories: timepieces, parasols, flying goggles, ray guns, in the special outfits. However, after being modified … Continue reading

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J. Culture – Shrine: Kasuga Taisha春日大社

Kasuga Grand Shrine春日大社 – The shrine of Fujiwara is located at Nara of Japan many years. The exterior of the architectural building has many different type of the stone lanterns that can be found around from the buildings to worship and also … Continue reading

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J. Drama – Hanamoyu花燃ゆ

Hanamoyu花燃ゆ – This worth watching drama is one of the awesome historical J.dramas. With an interesting and entertaining European influx drama storyline into the country is presented, the very well performance skills of Fumi(Mao Inoue) should be credited and noted … Continue reading

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J. Fashion – Mori Gal Style

Mori Gal Style/Kei – It borrows the concept of nature: forest as a fashion. It is a fashion subculture that originated from Japan directly. The design features mid or long loose shirts, down-on-earth colors and vintage motifs. Starting with white … Continue reading

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J. Culture – Festival: Koinobori鯉のぼり

Koinobori鯉のぼりFestival – It is a festival of crap flags, windsocks crap streamers or windflying-fishs where the hand-made sky windsocks, also called  satsuki-nobori皐のぼり, are flown everywhere in sky to celebrate the traditional national holiday – Tango no sekku端午の節句. People are celebrated … Continue reading

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J. Fashion – Kawaii Mouth Masks

In Japan, people like to wear masks. One can see right next to people wearing kawaii face masks on the street, in a store, in a subway, and other places….. ……According to the research there, hiding the faces in public … Continue reading

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J. Movie – Inuyashikiいぬやしき

This flying and fighting action packed movie talks about Ichiro Inuyashiki, an old man, is ignored and his family DR. has told him the ending of his life with a cancer. At the same time, Ichiro got himself striked by … Continue reading

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