J. Fashion – Geisha Makeup

Geisha Makeup芸者化粧 – They are Japanese women entertainers who are wearing kimono clothes through performing the traditional art, dance and singing. For Geisha makeup, it is called “Oshiroi”. Nowsaday, the makeup of apprentice Geisha is one of the most important heavy white face makeup characteristics. This makeup features a white base rice powder with bright red lipstick and black accents around the eyebrows. First, a skin wax substance called “bintsuke-abura” is applied to the skin. Next, white powder is mixed with water into a paste and applied starting from the neck and move upwards. Then, creates the illusion of mask. Use the makeup to cover the face, neck, and chest, with unwhitened W shape of areas left on the nape, to accentuate the erotic area, and a line of skin around the hairline. After the foundation layer is applied, a sponge is patted over the face, throat, chest, the nape and neck to blend the foundation. Next the eyebrows are coloured black with a charcoal. For, the lips colour, Geisha usually wear the top lip coloured in stylized, and the bottom lip in a curved stripe that does not just follow the shape of the lip.


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