J. Life – Table Manners: How NOT to use Japanese chopsticks

箸の正しい使い方|How NOT to use Japanese chopsticks – Each culture has the set of rules for table manners. In Japan, try to not be a slob that some of the rules are etiquette for eating or sharing a meal with others. Just much like one putting the elbows or sleep on the dinner table in Western restaurants, violating these rules is considered bad manners but will not matter if anyone is alone to eat dinner at home. However, have a cultural origin that is breaking these rules can be considered very offensive under many situations. To help people to understand dining etiquette, here are just some of the rules for table manners to tell everyone in Japan. For instance, at first, do not stab the food with the chopsticks. Secondly, do not eat like a dog. Thirdly, do not double dip in soy sauces. At fourth, do not transfer food from one chopsticks to other chopsticks. At fifth, do not leave your chopsticks standing up in bowl. At sixth, no licking on the chopsticks. At seventh, do not play around with the chopsticks……..     ………and so on……   ……….

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