J. Fashion – Cyber Shironuri Kimonoバズーキスタンのサイバー和風メイク

Cyber Shironuri Kimonoバズーキスタンのサイバー和風メイク– It is a unique fashion style that combines Cyberlook, Shironuri, and Traditional Kimono all together.  The original Shironuri is “painted in white on face” which in the past signify white color as God with the mother nature. This time the style combines modern brand new cyber feeling with Traditional Kimono clothes and accessories. The style is so special that can be also said that Harajuku community fashion is getting to be recognized as one of the most unusual mixing forms of clothing. STILL, Gyaru is the main center of the appeal trend, BUT, a famous artist, Sebasuchan Masuda, acknowledged its uniqueness that consists of colorful and vigorous people around the town………. ……….The structure of Shironuri style borrows lots of inspiration from Lolita, Victorian, Kabuki, Geisha, and others. People like to do their makeup and get together in Laforet Harajuku to enjoy expressing themselves through this fashion. Cyber Shironuri Kimono styles in Harajuku are also never static. The boundaries of the varying styles always integrated from point to the point where a new branch of fashion style was created. During the period of 90s, there are many luxary imported department stores were formed in the heart of Harajuku-land: Omotesando. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Misako Aoki are the best ironic makeup ambassadors and getting to inspire people everywhere.





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