J. Drama – Chihayafuru Part 1ちはやふる(上の句)

Chihayafuru Part 1ちはやふる(上の句) – Chihaya Ayase forms a bond with her classmates: Arata Wataya and Taichi Mashima. Arata is a karuta player whose dream is to become Meijin, the men’s division karuta champion, just like Queen title in women’s division……….    ………..While inspired her to becoming the best of best karuta player, the trio join a karuta society in school’s tournament. They are separated each other before when Arata left while Taichi and Chihaya enroll in different local schools………   ………In order to form the Mizusawa Karuta Club, Chihaya gets together with Taichi, when she is recruiting people to join her for karuta competitions. The student participation in karuta tournaments allows them to reconnect with Arata. But, then the two boys have fallen in love with her. With her best friends helping her, Chihaya tries to strive to become the best of the best karuta school player……….     …………

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