J. Movie – Sweet Beanあん

Sweeth Bean (あん) – It talks about Sentaro, a man who runs a red bean snack shop. It is by locals as well as school students. When Sentaro is looking for a worker, Tokue, a lady, who wanted to work in a dorayaki(red bean) shop. Sentaro rejects her application because of her age. However, when he tries Tokue’s bean paste, its taste are much better compared to that of the bean paste Sentaro has been cooking. Sentaro decides to hire Tokue and starts to join him with serving of customers to cook dorayaki. However, when customers realize that she has leprosy disease, they stop to come and eat…….     ………Sentaro is forced to let her go. Wakana, a school girl and Sentaro decide to visit Tokue at her house. Shortly after Tokue dies with pnemonia disease. She left her bean equipment and her note to Sentaro that said “A person’s worth lies not in career, but in their being and that joy comes from taking in the experiences that surrounds us.” Tokue wants Sentaro to forget his past of fail at life – imprisoned and money loan……   ………



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