J. Culture – Shrine: Kasuga Taisha春日大社

Setsuben Mantoro, Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara

Kasuga Grand Shrine春日大社 – The shrine of Fujiwara is located at Nara of Japan many years. The exterior of the architectural building has many different type of the stone lanterns that can be found around from the buildings to worship and also decorate the entire spiritual and dedicated botanical garden environment. Inside of Kasuga Shrine, there have been featured in different type of Nambokucho’s Art. The shrine are credited as famous known as one of the World Best Heritage Registered Sites. In order to get into the shrine, one needs to pass through the park which is a very beautiful and large while the interior of the building believed to be sacred for the Gods with exterior surrounding terrain. It is a part of historic monuments of the city which is dedicated to the deity responsible for the protection………..      ………….


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