J. Drama – Hanamoyu花燃ゆ

Hanamoyu花燃ゆ – This worth watching drama is one of the awesome historical J.dramas. With an interesting and entertaining European influx drama storyline into the country is presented, the very well performance skills of Fumi(Mao Inoue) should be credited and noted as Genzui Kusaka’s wife since her last drama of Hana Yori Dango. This story tells about the conflict and disorder times of the days for the Tokugawa shogunate. After Fumi was born and grown up in her family, she has promised to follow the will of Yoshida Shoin. Yoshida Shoin, her brother, is the one who has taught people to become Revolutionaries, Ministers, or other V.I.P. people in the country. However, later on, Fumi ended up to marry with Katori Motohiko. …………..    ……………

Link – http://kissdrama.club/hana-moyu



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