J. Culture – Festival: Koinobori鯉のぼり

Koinobori鯉のぼりFestival – It is a festival of crap flags, windsocks crap streamers or windflying-fishs where the hand-made sky windsocks, also called  satsuki-nobori皐のぼり, are flown everywhere in sky to celebrate the traditional national holiday – Tango no sekku端午の節句. People are celebrated and decorated with Koinobori, in the hope that their children in family grow up well. The holiday usually takes place on spring that give a long break off from work for family members and workers about 1 to 2 weeks. The Koinobori windsocks, from the top of the pole down, are produced by drawing patterns on a beautiful flying fabric. The windsocks set made up of a pair of arrow-spoked wheels矢車 – “yaguruma” and flying-dragon streamer飛龍吹流し – “hiryu fukinagashi.” The color of a black koinobori represents a father and the color of a red koinobori represents a son.



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