J. Fashion – Kawaii Mouth Masks

In Japan, people like to wear masks. One can see right next to people wearing kawaii face masks on the street, in a store, in a subway, and other places….. ……According to the research there, hiding the faces in public places by wearing masks can increase the self-confidence due to social awkwardness, especially during conversation. It is considered Japanese nice manners to show consideration towards the other people. Wearing mouth mask helps you prevent to catch a disease from others. It might be hilarious to trick those ‘Non-Mask Normie’ people into thinking of “You are sick” or “Do not want to talk” while one is trying to be ‘kawaii’ with this unique fashion. The quality of masks are good that usually made up of good cozy fabric or other materials. Some of the kawaii mouth colorful patterns in the shop can be customized for perfectly printing, like bears,  cats, dogs, Hello Kitty, and other characters. It is a time to put some makeup with a mask.


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