J. Culture – Folklore: Namahage生剥

Namahage生剥 – It is a traditional folklore in Japan. Usually people wear Ogre demon mask and Mino straw capes during the first full moon night of 15th day koshogatsu of the traditonal lunar year. Namahage nowadays takes place at ritual area of the Oga and Akita, Honshu, Japan. These scary demonic look people usually go to each house with fake Deba bocho(出刃包丁 ) knives and funny teoke(手桶) demonic pails for admonishing children who may be guilty of a bad attitude. The common thing they do is yelling out words – ” Nakuko wa inee ga – Any crybabies here?” and “Waruiko wa inee ka – Any naughty kids here?”




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