J. Movie – Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal(無限の住人 Mugen no jūnin) Manji is a samurai warrior on the run after killing his lord…………and encounters Yaobikuni, an 800-year-old nun, who questions him and Manji found being was held hostage……….The leader of the ronin demands Manji to come without his sword and kills every bad guy before dying as Yaobikuni implants “bloodworms” into the body. Manji, the immortal warrior, is approached by Rin Asano who wants his aid to help the avenge. With the help of Manji, Magatsu is defeated. But Manji meets the Ittō-ryū member – Eiku Shizuma, who helps himself to have had bloodworms………Then, Kagehisa is going to Mt. Takeo to recruit a dojo master. But Kagehisa arrives to Mt. Takao, knowing that his followers were killed, he knows that is too late that Habaki set him up already……….After Manji and Makie arrive, resulting in a HUGE battle to protect Kagehisa.  While Manji learns from his mistakes before to save Rin and sends Shira falling to his death, the two fighting each other with Manji allowing Rin to deliver the deathblow in order to allow them to stay alive…………

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