J. Culture – Opera: Kabuki歌舞伎

Kabuki歌舞伎-  it is an art of classical opera singing and dancing stage drama.  This avant-garde theater is well known for the elaborate make-up worn by the great skillful, styling and dancing performers in Kabuki theater. People called them as “kabukimono歌舞伎者”. It referred to the style of dress worn by Samurai warriors. Today, Kabuki is the most popular of the traditional styles of J. drama and J.movie. Singers and Movie stars often appear as kabukimono style in TV and movie film everywhere, like, “Bando Tmasaburo V” and so forth…. It also appears in Animation and J. pop culture. There are many major Kabuki theaters in big cities, like Tokyo and Kyoto area……..as well as many smaller one throughout the whole countryside, like Oshika, Nagano area……


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