J. Drama – Prison Princesses監獄のお姫さま

Prison Princess 監獄のお姫さま– Kayo Baba got in a jail due to attempted to stab her hushand. In jail, Kayo Baba met many friends, Akemi Adachi, Chinatsu Katsuda, Yoko Daimon, and Shibobu Edogaw. Akemi and Chinatsu charged for drug possessioin and tax evasion. Yoko and Shinobu charged for fraud and murder. On the other hand, Futaba who had a duty to control and educate them was a strict and mean officer in jail. Kayo in the beginning had a hard time to  accept her life prison. But, she later got used to live together with her prison friends. After Kayo Baba was released from prison, they planned to take their revenge……

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