J. Movie – Silence沈黙-サイレンス-

Silence沈黙-サイレンス-Priest Cristovao Ferreira witnessing the physical torture makes he has been trying to bring to the faith there. The priest seems to be no help in the presence of Japanese authorities conducting the torture killing. The other priests Sebastião Rodrigues and Francisco Garupe arrives in Japan, the priests are hurry to find Christian populations driven underground. Priests surprise when a samurai searching for suspected Christians whom people refer to as the “Inquisitor”, straps some people to crosses to let the tide drowns them dead……   ……Rodrigues joins later with Kichijiro, who betrays him before. A samurai, who had accompanied the “Inquisitor” to Tomogi, tells Rodrigues that other captured Christians will suffer from that……  …..Rodrigues is then taken to Nagasaki, where he is brought to the shoreline. He then saw the prisoners in the distance approaching on the shoreline. The prisoners are taken offshore on a boat and are about to be drowned to get Francisco Garupe to renounce his faith……..


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