J. Drama – Naotoraおんな城主 直虎

Naotoraおんな城主 直虎 – The Ii Naomori’s daughter has tried to govern the Totomi region of the country. Since there are no men left in li family successors, Naomitsu wants his son (Naochika) to marry her for inherit of the clan. But, Naomitsu then turn back to decide to be a rebel to Imagawa that ended up to get killed himself.  This result leads to Naochika, his son, was so young who is protected by priest, Nankei. After he grows up and returns town for a rebellion. Then, he is killed by Imagawa Ujizane. With all kind of obstacles, Naotora Ii (Jiro, Kou Shibasaki), has to become a real female lord of the clan. Then, she faces hard battles alongside Tokugawa clan, but many helps her to keep moving things forward.



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