J. Movie – Harmonium

Harmonium淵に立つ—- The story begins in the family of Toshio, Akie (his wife), and Hotaru (his daughter). Toshio works at a machine shop while he wants Yasaka (his prison friend) to help out his work……….. Hotaru likes to practice the harmonium and Yasaka has stayed at Toshio’s home to bond and teach her with music while quite being helpful his work at machine shop……… Even Yasaka was a prison, Yasaka still becomes a big part of Toshio family. However, Yasaka fall in love with Akie while Toshio begins to becomes suspicious about that……..When Toshio is not home, Yasaka tries to rape her at his home but failed to do so, then he tried to beat, rape and sexually assult Hotaru……… leaving her quadriplegic to be a disabled person……… Yasaka ran far away………….



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