J. Fashion – Yume Kawaii Style ゆめかわいい

t1aa“Yume Kawaii ゆめかわいい” ……….It is an icon of dreamy cute style for girls who like the fashion and female character that was very popular in Japan, like sailor moon or etc………. Its fashion has a concept that comes with the magical girl characters. Many are wearing different style of the wigs. It has a touch of darkness that means not only center around the styles of cuteness, it also has a magical dreamy feel to  it …………One of the most important style elements is the “sick face” look. The style of Yume kawaii isn’t cute only, it’s a combination of fairy tales and illness look. The specifications of these girls are: 1. Hair – Using light pink or red, light lavender or blue, milky white are all welcome………..  2. Makeup – Using many circle lenses, glitter under the area of the eyes that makes the face so impressive. ………….. 3.  Options – Adding feathers, ribbons, and other cute materials in their looks………….


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