J. Fashion – Shinonuri白塗り

shironuriMU1Shironuri – A fashion style that is “painted in white makeup” which is referencing white geishas face in stage. This style is very special from the Harajuku community, so they are not common in J.fashion. Shironuri style mixes and borrows lots of inspiration from Lolita, Victorian, Kabuki, Geisha, Mother Nature(patterns on leaves, the shapes of flowers, the grooves of the tree) styles and so forth. In long time ago, aristocrat men and women usually painted their face for showing the status in Japan. Japanese culture and shinto religion signify white color as light that represents God…………surrounding with the mother nature………






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2 Responses to J. Fashion – Shinonuri白塗り

  1. therealdavids says:

    Love it! Such a high fashion trending look, feel free to check out my website

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