J. Culture – Hello Kitty Town: Sanrio Purolandサンリオピューロランド

keio-plazaSanrio Purolandサンリオピューロランド is a theme park in Tama City, Tokyo, Japan. The  park is owned by the company of Sanrio. The company hosts many musical places, merchandise stores, and the rides using cute Hello Kitty characters and so forth……… It attracts many vistors from Japan and oversea because of the popularity of Hello Kitty. Sanrio Puroland also offer many stores for selling popular cute character gifts. Tourists can join a boat ride in which Cinnamorroll can lead the riders to a party being held by Kitty, passing through the homes of Kerroppi’s pond and Badtz Maru’s cave………. Tourists can also tour Kitty’s house which includes fancy furniture and a cute bath-tub, and displays of her merchandises, like her makeups……..  There are many cute theaters, candy theme area, ice cream factories, bread and juice park, and chocolate factories places where vistors can take a look…….

Link – http://en.puroland.jp/




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