J. Fashion – Decora Makeup デコラメイク

decora__makeup1Decora style – you can often see in the streets of Harajuku, Japan and then began to get more popularity outside of Japan. A plain shirt or hoodie in black, pink, and neon colors and hoodie was worn with short skirts. The hair and make-up tends to be simple. The important part of decora is to pile on numbers of the cute layers accessories all over the body with wearing stockings, knee socks, monster headpiece, pompom earrings, hama beads rainbow choker, and mismatched leggings…..This kind of ‘decoration’ is worn by young Japanese teens. It creates the look of funny and cuteness with different color of layers…….Girls use items include Hello Kitty, Pokemon, bright plastic jewelry, coloured hair clips and bobbles and fuzzy boots or other cute merchandise…… It’s a mix and match combination “things” ALL together……..


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