J. Fashion – Manga Makeup

gigantic-eyesManga Makeup – It’s a makeup style of comic books that is originating in Japan. However, this makeup has been a way beyond of normal cultural Japanese art form…… …… The look of the style is usually Halloween cosplay-like parties, and young people are the most like and use of this crazy makeup during attending of Manga event………… It has a certain way of wearing cosplay clothes and working makeup looks together. People use different color as the predominant choice for their makeup. Also, differentiate, create or place the special type of Manga lashes around the eyes is also important ………….However, in order to have the desired style of anime/manga special effect, people usually change the eye color with different contacts. They also likes to brush on eyeshadow around eyes and with large eyelids that will make the eyes very large size which are assoicated with the manga character they choose………….  They have used dark eyeliner or black macara to draw a V shape through the corner of their eyes to extend the outline longer onto the waterline of each eye. Some use teaspoons to pull the skin around your eyes tight to have a good look wide-eyed effect. ………….that is just some of the ways on how one may want to make the manga eyes makeup………….



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