J. Culture – Mountains of Gods: Mt. Haguro羽黒山, Mt. Gassan月山, Mt. Yudono湯殿山

mt1Three Mountains of Dewa (出羽三山) refer to the three sacred mountains of Mt. Haguro羽黒山, Mt. Gassan月山, and Mt. Yudono湯殿山, which are clustered in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan…. They have longest history and popular mountain pilgrimage site as having many vistors who like to worship the mountains……..The first visit to the mountains were tracked back to 1400 years ago by prince named as Hachiko(Emperor Sushun)………prince Hachiko assigned the rest of his life to religious pursuits as a priest after killing of his father, enduring ascetic exercises and a period of penance at the temple, which led to his worship of these mountains…….Today people or shugendo priests have began to make pilgrimages to the mountains to pay reverence from far distance that is being held significance to a learing curve of religions in Japan ………. Today, “Five-story Pagoda”shrine at Mt. Haguro and Mt. Yudono are designated as a kokuhei shosha, while the shrine on Mt. Gassan, is considered as a kanpei taisha.


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