J. Fashion – Nail Art

nail1Nail Art – In Japan, Nail art is very popular. There are many different designs in Japan that is a massive trend with toys, magazines, accesories and manga dedicated and devoted to show off the art of nails. From diamonds, stones, gems, hello kitty, Harajuku-type cool nail designs, and characters from movies, young women are keeping up with her nail salons in the massive trend……………………… However, most of people, like men, don’t like these overwhelming crazy female nail art. It seems that the nail designs will tell the personality of individual one. It will tell people who you are.  According to the female survey respondents, most of women like nail art but male dont like them at all. Men might think they are childdish, dirty, and scary to stare at them everyday………. OF COURSE, not all of the nail art is as extreme as in those crazy nail designs, many of them are SO WONDERFUL to look at them……………. Easy! Gals!……… 🙂

Take a tour……… how to do…..



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