J. Fashion – CREEPY BUTLER Makeup

scarycostumeIn Japan, there are many butlers do the Halloween scary makeup nowsday. It seems to begin that guys are involving with the scary make up since the early of 19th centuries in the England, Scotland, Ireland, and other places………..People started to use of the makeup for things like the drama performers made and utilized their face paint to present and depict certain characters in the show.. …….  Kabuki drama theater in Japan began and emerged and wore elaborate carefully in a face makeup detail(as same as that of Animation) ……….let’s go back to the main topic, this scary culture has been strongly suggested that the halloween custom comes from the practise of “souling “……… This wearing costumes and mumming around of trick-or-treating technique has long been lovely associated with this halloween festivals since that of the year……….These scary halloween costumes are based on very frightening or funny supernatural or monster beings who are roaming the human world at this time ………. Guy, who elaborates himself as a vampire or dracula, usually goes out and thrills the adults and kids with scary look and with his creepy laugh and smile during this festival …… PRETTY SCARY LOOK!


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