J. Culture – Exotic Club: Shinjuku Robot Restaurant ロボットレストラン

Robot_Show2Shinjuku Robot Restaurant ロボットレストラン – In Shinjuku station, there is a robot restaurant, which is very famous well-known “Kabukicho Entertainment District Area”, offers the exotic sexy bikini wearing women with legwarmers and 12-foot robots dancing pop shows………In stage, it fills out with all glittering mirrors, laser lights, neon colours and funny weird image……….and the performane is the young sexy cute costumed girls are flying in on the big dinosaur, and then landing on top of a disco ball horse in this robot concert restaurant while they serve the food  and a beverage…….. ….. This show is a cavalcade of very entertaining and weird action filled with a different kind of background noise, flashy light………….like, fighting robots, dancing girls, spinning gadgets, crazying special sound effects………This kind of the moment that gives everyone a chance to pose in front of the camera for…….SURE!

Link –> http://www.shinjuku-robot.com/pc/







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