J. Culture – Village of Creepy: Dolls Town

Lembah Boneka, Nagoro, JepangDolls Town/Village of Dolls – This is a “spirital” strange village of “Nagoro” in Shikoku, Japan, where people are being recreated, repositioned and replaced by “CREEPY” dolls! Creepy!!!…………This main idea came up from the artist, Ayano Tsukimi, who moved right back to the village after many years……………She found out the few left in the town is similarily a ghost town that many of her neighbors had abandoned it for many reasons……………She came up with an idea to replace the image of dead people in town with big dolls. Over hundreds of the creepy dolls have been built, placing each doll in where she feels is the most important to her or others’ memory………….. so everyone can discover these unquie memorials in where the memory of working in fields, fishing in rivers, sleeping in house, studying in school or so forth………….Japanese people like dolls so much……. 🙂

“Nagoro” is just a typical example of an irreversible shift in society problems that threatens to change the character of Japan to come. Recently in reseach data showing that the number of newborns in Japan is expected to go down below 50 million in 2105,  which means 4 out of the 10 Japanese people will be going to age over 65 in future………….


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