J. Fashion – Kawaii Animal Hairstyles

funny-animal-hairstyles-00In Japan, nowsaday there is a wild developing trend for girls to have personal crazy-mind blowing hair style/sculptures – Kawaii animal hairstyle! This includes the style of a lion, rabbit, elephant, rhino and many others for who likes to try it for inspiration……This was developed mainly by a Japanese pop artist and photography – Nagi Noda.
Among her most successful worked in the industry, there are many TV shows and commerical shows that have been decided to follow these kind of the hairstyle trends today, like “Coca-Cola company”, “Scissor Sisters”, “Ex-fat Girl”, “Nike”, and more …………… It “does” caught some of the attention from audiences………especially in female model showcases!!!
These animal-shaped hair styles are ‘” SO  CUTE ” that will definitely amaze most of the girls’ hearts……………….. By the way, it is something that every girl can do it herself everyday. Now, enjoy making yourself hairstyle into a shape of cat, bear, or even sheep! Fun! Fun! Fun! KAWAII ((かわいい) !!!!!!!!!!!!


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