J. Drama – Yamato (California)

It is a movie to express how of Japanese anger over American military presence on their country. SAKURA, a teenager girl, lives with her family in the house which is next to the US military base there. Yamato is a town near Tokyo and it is home to Atsugi Airbase which is the largest U.S. naval base in the Pacific Ocean. Her dream is to become a famous hip-hop rapper. She writes her own rhymes to rap but unable to perform in front of people. Rei, her mother’s boy friend from U.S visit them. This gives SAKURA an uncertainty feeling in the beginning, but soon Sakura discovered Rei and her have some in common that Rei also likes hip-hop culture. This unpredictable dynamic relationship makes them hang out at a comic cafe and a shopping mall all the time. Sakura just takes for granted as this living downscale style. Sakura makes songs with Rei by mimicing American rap songs, with no original Japanese culture of their own songs.


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