Anime Music 動画音樂- Yosei Teikoku 妖精帝國

Yousei-Teikoku-0271Yōsei Teikoku (妖精帝國) – it is a five-member (Yui Itsuki伊月ゆいvocals, Takaha Tachibana橘 尭葉– rhythm guitar and keyboards, Nanami名波 – bass guitar, Shiren紫煉 – lead guitar, Gightガイト – drums) group……This Japanese musical unit was formed in a part of Team “Fairithm”………… Their music mainly mixed with variety of the elements of rock, heavy metal, electronic music, and classical music that usually included the numbers of the music tracks of animation series: Mai-HiME, Innocent Venus, The Qwaser of Stigamta, Magical Pokan… forth……………….in soundtracks too………………

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