J. Culture – Pilgrimage: 四国遍路Shikoku Henro


The Shikoku Pilgrimage (四国遍路 Shikoku Henro)  is a multi-site pilgrimage of almost hundreds of regular and bangai temples related with the traditional Buddhist Monk(Kōbō Daishi) on Shikoku, Japan. This distinctive feature of the Japanese island is a cultural large numbers of pilgrim (henro 遍路) landscape that undertake the very long journey for a whole variety of tourism purposes. These people who are wearing plain white clothings, sedge hats, and holding walking sticks(kongo-zue) sometimes are called “o-henro-san (お遍路さん)”. They usually completed the jourrney on walking or climbing. Many of the modern pilgrims also drive cars or take trains. The total of the walking journey distance is more than 1,000 kilometres (700 miles) which can be finished it couple months or less by visiting many places, likes Mount Koya in Wakayama Prefecture………..

Pilgrimage Guide  —> http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/indepth/exotic/JapanesQue/1403/img/pilgrimage.pdf


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