J. Drama – Doctor X ドクターX


Doctor X ドクターX ~外科医・大門未知子~ One day, Michiko went to see horse racing, she decided to do an operation for the horse during horse accident. After Michiko Daimon (Ryoko Yonekura) went to an university hospital,  she becomes a freelancer surgeon. She  solved out smartly of a treatment for a thighbone sarcoma patient who is placed at the university hospital by doctor agencies. Under some circumstances of the hospital’s harsh working conditions, several main doctors have quit…….. Michiko decided to help it out but her appearance as your typical doctor wowed others. Wearing luxurious fur and shorts that attracts young men at hospital that makes some assume she is working from Disco party! There is no doubt that Michiko is an excellant surgeon but she likes to make an objection to the those directors of the university hospital, who plans to perform a surgery……….Michiko is the only one who has a gut to point out the director’s antiquated surgical methods that he or she has not performed as a surgeon in numbers of years.

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