J. Fashion – LOLITA・DOLL ロリータ・ファッション



It is a Japanese make up of fashion subculture rising that is based on modified European clothing………….The look of “Lolita” concentrated importantly on quality in both material and manufacture of clothes. The original outline of the figure is of a maxi textured skirt or “Cupcake” dress  assisted by petticoats or underskirts, but has expanded into different types of corsets, knee length skirts or floor length skirts. Waistband, belt, knee high socks,  stockings, headdresses, and etc. are also worn……………..


The history of  “Lolita” is long and quite complex that many has been modified and changed back and forth the style shape of the clothes from time to time…………….. Actually, the “real start” was from 1990s, “Lolita” fashion became finally recognized mainly, with the the group of the singers called  ” Princess Princess” who wore these wonderful costumes, which Japanese fans or local young culture began accepting and adopting as their personal style quickly, coming out into popularity at that time. Another female Japanese female singer “浜崎あゆみHamasaki Ayumi” also wore Lolita clothes to sing in concert. These style spread through Tokyo and other area later on where it became so popularized…………….. Today, many local young culture people point to Japan for the Lolita Doll trend…………….Lolita fashion clothes can be found in  a lot of fashion stores in Japan.

flower_dream_lolita1IMG lolata2Lotilaimages1Lolita_Tokyo_20Please Check out all the steps of Lolita Doll make up in the video…………Time to do a makeup……….. KAWAII !!!!!!!!! CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!


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