J. Fashion – Boyish Style


Boyish style –  the trend for playing with gender roles is filtering through to Boyish fashion…….. “Boy’s style” has got popular that many fashion magazines like “Kera” or others………There are stars from J. bands has tried to make them as the perfect models for taking pictures on J.fashion magazine……… The style of “boyish” can be defined by cropped haircuts and mannish jeans………


Women look like men

The terms “boyish” rendered into Japanese girl are taking this trend by transforming their gender identities and dressing up as men. This is called “dansou”  …………..nowsaday, in Akihabara, there are many playing cross-dressing women who like to walking round Akihabara area or drinking in a bar on a date with another woman dressed in drag. These being confused about their gender identities women are playacting the main role of the “real man”………….



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