J. Fashion – “HARAJIKU” Kimo (Scary) Kawaii (Cute) Style

The Word of KAWAII –

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The ultra colorful super cute culture born from unique Japanese culture: fashion, music, anime, games, characters, cosmetics, and anything you can name it,  has become the massive attractive around the earth. Many people refer as the word of “KAWAII.” It is used to comment on style and fashion. BUT, now it becomes part of the daily super trend of the youth culture of numbers of the countries. Also, the Shibuya districts of Tokyo are regarded as the main appearance of KAWAII culture. The world’s young fashion industry has tried to catch the latest designs coming out from a range of famous designers everywhere.

Japanese-Shironuri-Fashion-Harajuku-007-600x400 (2)

BD3_副本Kiro Gyaru fanmakimaki 1

The main purpose of HARAJUKU KAWAii is produced by a clever ASOBISYSEM agency based in Harajuku. His main goal is to create its own culture rather than the normal trends. Its idea trying to diversify neturalize even more in cute (Kawaii) culture with a (cool scary) factor, which it can actually got accepted in each special country. In future, we will see the completely a new hype Kawaii style, such as Kimo(Scary)-Kawaii (International Halloween) style around the entire world……….

Will it work!?! Only time can tell………….hey, it’s super FUN!!!


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