J. Life – Butlers Café バトラースカフェ

butlercafeMODButlers café (バトラースカフェ) – It is a very special restaurant and bar located in Shibuya, Toyko, Japan. The cafe opened from a recent wave of “maid cafes” (メイドカフェ) or “cosplay restaurants” (コスプレ系飲食店) that have opened up around Tokyo, though predominantly in Akihabara. “Butlers café” is one of a few butler theme cafes in Tokyo. This kind of cafe mainly are hiring only foreign men as cafe waiters to serves for women. Their food price in menu is expensive and consists of mainly European food, desserts and a large range of teas and wines. The cafe also has many fun but ridiculous rules that makes sure the girls acts like an elegant princess under butler supervision, such as ringing a bell for rest room, no talking loud…………It is designed for women to expenence eating in cafe of middle ceuntry in Europe. It also designed for those who “need an excitement in their lives”………….. Hey, don’t forget that “maid cafe” is designed for men too – FUN!

The website:  http://www.butlerscafe.com/index.html


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