J.Movie – Partners (相棒 シリーズ): X DAY


Partners X: 相棒(Aibō)  シリーズ

It is a Japanese television detective series that first aired on TV Asahi on October 20, 2010 – 2011(season 9). It has been adapted into three films, including Aibō The Newest Movie – X Day! The Protagonists of this drama are Ukyo Sugishita (杉下右京), a policeman in “a department of special mission” in Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department acted by Yutaka Mizutani and his buddy Toru Kai (甲斐享) acted by Hiroki Narimiya. The buddies of Sugishita were once Kaoru Kameyama (亀山薫) acted by Yasufumi Terawaki, and Takeru Kanbe (神戸尊) acted by Mitsuhiro Oikawa…….

人気 テレビド ラマ 「相棒シリーズ」 に 登場する 伊丹刑事が、サイバー 犯罪専門 の 捜査官 とタッグ を ­組み、事件に立ち向かう刑事ドラマ……….

Aibō 相棒 シリーズ: X DAY –

In more detail —-> http://www.aibou-xday.jp/

Free Watch —-> Some of the series: http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_138880.htm


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