J. Culture – Cat Islands: Aoshima 青島, Tashirojima 田代島, Malta マルタ


Aoshima 青島, Tashirojima 田代島, and Malta Islands マルタ  in Japan have huge numbers of cats which are living there. Before the old generation people used the cats to keep the mice away in the islands. Since lots of people are leaving from these islands to mainland Japan, the population of cats are in the range of 5 times to 1000 times compare (hundreds –> hundred thousands) to that of human. However, they are attractive and popular since ever getting more and more tourist people to come by ferry from mainland islands of Japan. Tourist usually comes here to take photos and feed the cats………………………………….  Maybe that is why Japanese people likes cats so much….   🙂

Japanese Cats island website -> http://www.city.ozu.ehime.jp/life/guide/bus_ship.html


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