J.Drama – Oshin おしん



The story starts in 1983. Oshin Tanokura decides to go on a train trip. Her family is in a frenzy, not knowing where she disappeared to. Based on a hunch from the story, he goes on a trip of his own and catches up with Oshin. From there, the two of them begin a journey back, traveling through various parts of Japan including where she once lived years earlier, and starts remembering the difficult times she faced in her life.

In 1907, seven-year-old Oshin is sent off by her father to work as a babysitter to support her family. Despite the physical and verbal abuse from the chief servant of the working place, Oshin insists on enduring it for the sake of her family. After she ran out, the blizzard is so rough on her, she nearly freezes to death. She is rescued by a man called Shunsaku. She stays with him during the long winter until the snow melts.

Upon her return to her home, Oshin is once again sent out to work as a babysitter, this time to Kaga-ya in Sakata . She makes good friends with the family’s daughter. During this time, she is loved by all the people and is personally taught by Mrs. Yashiro, the owner of Kaga-ya. Kayo the heir to Kaga-ya and Oshin falls in love with Kota. After returning home she discovers that her father wants her to work as a bar maid. Realizing that the bar maid job is a cover for prostitution, Oshin runs off to Tokyo to follow her older sister Haru’s dream of becoming a hair stylist.

While working as a hairstylist, she meets Ryuzo, a rich trader, and the two of them get married. But they go bankrupt because of the economic depression and of the incorrect trading methods Ryuzo had implemented. Their first child is a boy, Takeshi. Forcing them to return to her in-laws’ house because the scary earthquake. Since their marriage was not approved by Kiyo, the mother-in-law, Oshin suffers greatly while living with them.

She breaks her arm while attempting to escape and suffers a miscarriage, she finds out she can no longer be a hair stylist because of her broken arm that made her to decide to leave the hairstylist carrier. Luck, after her numbers of hard work in other field, She operates a small bar-restaurant, works as a pastry chef and even as a peddler of fresh fish. Finally, her business booms and had a raw seafood shop……….This movie story is VERY VERY long and continues right up to 1983, and follows Oshin’s adult life as she becomes a wife, raises children of her own, and experiences real-life events.

Free Watch online —> http://www.ovguide.com/oshin-9202a8c04000641f80000000007282d7

Free Watch or download —-> http://ge.tt/6tOPYVE1/v/3S


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