J. Drama – トッカン特別国税徴収官( Gooko’s Life )

Totkan_Tokubetsu_Kokuzei_Choshukan-p1トッカン特別国税徴収官( Gooko’s Life )

Miki Suzumiya (Mao Inoue) begins work as a tax collector at the Tokyo National Tax Service in Japan. Miki Suzumiya wanted  a stable job and tried to become a public officer, but she ended up herself to collect taxes from delinquent taxpayers.

Miki Suzumiya goes to the home of Minagawa(he hasn’t payed taxes for the past 6 months), as Miki faces strong resistance from Minagawa and his wife Mariko (Hitomi Sato). When Miki is about to leave, her colleague Yuko Nabeshima (Sawa Suzuki) and a strange man appears, who is  a special tax collector designated by the National Tax Service and called a Totkan.  This man, Masachika Kagami (Yukiya Kitamura)enforces execution of the attachment……….Miki’s boss Chojuro Kaneko (Tetsuhiro Ikeda) later tells her to follow Masachika and she does so reluctantly………..


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