J. Drama – Naoki Hanzawa 半沢直樹


Hanzawa Naoki works for Tokyo Bank as the head of the Loans Osaka Division.  The manager, Asano, forces him to award an  loan of 500 million yen to Nishi Osaka Steel.  As a matter of the fact, Nishi Osaka Steel Co. is a non-reputable company in deep money trouble. Debt-ridden, the company accountants (his later bosses and headers) resort to window-dressing the financial statements in order to hide the truth from the public. Later Nishi Osaka Steel finally goes bankrupt. The ambitious bad guy and power-hungry Asano makes Hanzawa the scapegoat for the 500 million loss. Hanzawa is called to Tokyo head quarter to answer to the internal investigations team, where he denies responsibility for the unreasonable loss, and swears to recover the 500 million yen…………………….

Will he survives in the banking field or got fired out?!?

Free Watch ——> http://www.dramago.com/japanese-drama/hanzawa-naoki-episode-1

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