J. Fashion – Yukata Kimono 浴衣着物

short-yukata-hello-kittyYukata (浴衣) Kimono (着物) –  a Japanese casual or fashionable summer kimono  usually made of cotton or fabric, and unlined. Yukata kimono are worn by both men and women. Like all other forms of Japanese clothing, yukata are made with straight seams and wide sleeves. Compared to the longer sleeve in women’s yukata, men’s yukata are distinguished by the shorter sleeve. A yukata ensemble consists of a cotton undergarment, yukata, belts, sandals, a hand fan, sock, jackets, and a carry bag (kinchaku). Yukata were used to be people bathing clothes only before, however, today usage is not limited to that anymore. Many wear them as fashionable designed clothes. During the hot summer months, we can see all kinds of Yukata Kimonos were made of different indigo-dyed cotton with a very wide variety of colors and tons of special combination designs are available we can choose from. The rule of kimono with yukata is that childern or women may wear brighter colors and bold patterns, while men should wear darker colors and dull patterns to go out for summer fun events…………………….

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