J. Culture – Kabosu Doge (meme)


Kabosu Doge (meme)

The doge meme is an internet meme. The word of “Doge” is pronouncing as “Dojo”. This dojo is an eight-year-old dog. Her name is Kabosu who was lovely adopted by a kindergarten teacher who named Atsuko Sato. She adopted her when a puppy mill shut down………This is just one of the examples. Usually lots of dogs were dead after tearing down of buildings in Japan……. 😦 She decided to first shared blog photo, and the doge meme in its current form first began on the Tumblr blog. Doge is massively taken from Japanese blogs documenting the dog’s daily activities everyday………..Now, she is getting famous everywhere………………….CUTE DOGGIE 🙂 !

To read more about Kabosu –> http://www.theverge.com/2013/12/31/5248762/doge-meme-rescue-dog-wow


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