J. Drama – Black Kite とんび

black_kite1Black Kite とんび –  The story is based on the love of family story. In long time ag0, there is a person called “Yasu”, likes to sing while driving the truck for work. He often likes to drinking and gambling. Yasu’s mother having died while he was a child, then his father having abandoned him. Yasu’s wife, Misako, lost both her parents too. Therefore, this couple spends most of their times with their son, Akira, to grow after she gave a birth. Until an unforeseen life tragedy strikes the family out, when Akira is only 3 years old, an surprise accident happened that ended up with the result of sacrificing Misako’s life to save her son’s life. With his wife passed away, Yasu almost loses himself in stages of different process of grief and remorse. Although forced to battle feeling of anxiety, he promises and vows to raise the son up as best as he can do even as it tests the limits of his humours, wits and other abilities. Yasu manages to advance rear his son with the support of friends and relatives, in the great love touching story between father and son.

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