J. Drama – The Emperor’s Cook 天皇の料理番


The Emperor’s Cook – This award winning drama is based on a story of a master chef in the Ministry of Imperial Household in the Taisho and Showa eras – Tokuzo Akiyama…….
The Akiyama family in Fukui prefecture were full of hope in future except Shuzo worries about for his son, Tokuzo (Takeru Sato) had no patient with everything not like his older brother, Shutaro (Ryohei Suzuki). As his father, Shuzo arranges his son to marry Toshiko (Hana Kuroki) of the Takahama family who runs a family business……. Tokuzo encounters Sergeant Tanabe (Hideaki Ito) of the Sabae Regiment while delivering seaweed for his business…… Tokuzo has a piece of freshly-fried cutlet but struck by the overwhelming taste………



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