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      • 10/12/2019 – Typhoon Hagibis hit Tokyo and northern areas with heavy rain, damaged many houses without electricity and water due to extensive flooding
      • 10/9/2019 – Akira Yoshino, chemist, won Nobel Prize of chemistry for the making of lithium-ion batteries
      • 10/3/2019 – Hayabusa2 probe has deployed the rover to explore the surface of Ryugu asteroid.
      • 9/3/2019 – Kokeshi dolls parade happened in Osaki, Miyagi, Japan
      • 9/3/2019 – Residential farmland are flooded due to heavy rain in Omachi, Saga
      • 7/30/2019 – Storm Nari makes landfall in Mie prefecture, Japan
      • 7/12/2019 – Hayabusa2 probe landed on Asteroid Ryugu
      • 6/18/2019 -Mag6.4 quake hit around Tsuruoka, Yamagata, Japan
      • 6/16/2019 – World record of millions of protestors in Hongkong fighting for Freedom and Democracy (Bravo!)

        Time to Fight!

      • 6/1/2019 – Mag 5.0 hit at Chiba, 48 miles of Tokyo, Japan
      • 5/10/2019 – Mag 6.3 earthquake hits at coast of Miyazaki, Japan
      • 4/10/2019 –  Japanese scientists has made a help to capture the actual look of a black hole
      • 2/21/2019 – Mag 5.5 earthquake hit Hokkaido island, Japan
      • 2/12/2019 – Hiro Murai, director, won the “Grammy Award for Best Music Video as rap artists and women”
      • 2/8/2019 – The Japanese movie of “Shoplifters” has received an “Oscar nomination for best foreign language film
      • 1/23/2019 – Japan’s Epsilon rocket launches 7 tech demo satellites
      • 1/3/2019 – Mag 5.0 earthquake hit Kumamoto, Japan

    • 12/11/2018 – Tasuku Honjo, medical scientist, received the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in Stockholm for discovering of a protein on immune cells for cancer treatment
    • 12/8/2018 – Ice skater, Rika Kihira, won the Grand Prix Final women’s title
    • 11/26/2018 – Osaka wins bid to host 2025 World Expo
    • 10/29/2018 – JAXA just launched H-IIA F40 which gets Greenhouse Gases Satellite “IBUKI-2” and KhalifaSat
    • 10/29/2018 – The mission of ESA’s and JAXA’s BepiColombo to Mercury launches on top of an Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket
    • 10/1/2018 – Tasuku Honjo, immunologist, won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the work of the immune system to attack cancer
    • 9/5/2018 – Mag 6.7 earthquake hit Hokkaido, Japan
    • 8/28/2018 – Momoko Sakura, “Chibi Maruko-chan” manga creator have left us of her breast cancer disease(Sadly!)
    • 8/7/2018 – Japan commemorates 73rd anniversary of atomic bombings in Nagasaki and Hiroshima
    • 7/29/2018 – Students from Japan performed dancing show for Taiwanese earthquake in Taiwan
    • 7/9/2018 – 2 millions has to flee, many houses destroyed, after floods across the nation – Please Help!!! ( – Donation:  1. Japan Red Cross http://www.jrc.or.jp/search/ichiran/index.html  2. Council of Welfare https://www.saigaivc.com/20180709/ 3. Idro Japan  http://www.idrojapan.org/web/ 4. Not Just Mad https://www.facebook.com/ItsNotJustMud  – )
    • 7/7/2018 – Mag 5.9 quake hit closely from Isumi, Chiba Prefecture
    • 6/29/2018 – Japan Football National Team reached round 16 of FIFA World Cup (Congratulation)
    • 6/18/2018 – Mag 6.1 earthquake hit in Osaka, Japan(God bless Japan!)
    • 5/17/2018 – Hideki Saijo, one of the famous J. pop iconic singers with almost singing half century long, has passed away(Sadly!) 
    • 4/8/2018 – Mag 5.9 earthquake hit in Shimane, Honshu, Japan
    • 3/7/2018 -Shinmoedake Volcano erupts in southern Japan
    • 3/6/2018 -Kazuhiro Tsuji, a makup artist, won best makup Oscar in ‘Darkest Hour’
    • 2/25/2018 –  Japan won 13 medals in total: 4 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze in PyeongChang, Korea of Winter Olympics
    • 1/24/2018 – A volcanic eruption at north of Tokyo destroys a Japanese ski slope 
    • 1/17/2018 – An Epsilon-3 rocket successfully launched a NEC observation satellite into space orbit 

  • 10/19/2017 – Mag. 5.8 earthquake hit about 100 miles away from Amami, Kagoshima
  • 9/3/2017 – Naohisa Takato won gold medal in 60kg title of World Judo Championships in Budapest, Hungary
  • 9/2/2017Princess Mako will marry Kei Komuro but losing the royal status due to her fiance is a commoner
  • 8/24/2017 -Hiroshima/Nagasaki Peace Group visits U. N.  at Geneva

  • 8/1/2017 – A magnitude 5.5 earthquake hit north region of Tokyo
  • 6/1/2017 – Launched the super accuracy of car and mobile navigation systems satellite into space successfully
  • 5/31/2017 – Japan launched “Michibiki-2 satellite” by H-2A space rocket at Tanegashima Space Center
  • 2/1/2017 – The Namco video game creater of ‘Pacman’, Masaya Nakamura, passed away on January 22
  • 1/27/2017 – Ozeki Kisenosato is a first Japan-born sumo ‘yokozuna’ winner of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament in 19 years.sumo-images1

  • 11/22/2016 – 6.9 mag. earthquake (evacuation alert) hit Fukushima, Japan.
  • 10/27/2016 – Prince Mikasa, uncle of Emperor Akihito, left us at the age of 100.
  • 10/23/2016 – Mt. Aso, a volcano on Kyushu island, Japan erupted.
  • 10/3/2016 – Yoshinori Ohsumi, cell biologist, won Nobel Prize in autophagy of medicine.yoshinori-1
  • 8/5 – 8/21/2016 – Japan result at Brazil Summer Olympics: Gold:12; Silver:8; Bronze:21
  • 7/12/2016 – “Sukiyaki” lyricist – Rokusuke Ei has died at the age of 83.
  • 6/9/2016 – Koshuke Morita, a professor scientist, discovered chemical atom 113 – “nihonium” 


  • 4/15/2016 – Big Earthquake in Magnitude 6.2 hit in Kumamoto, Japan.
  • 4/1/2016 – The “Cherry Blossom” Festival in Hirosaki Park  is held every year from the end of April to the beginning of May (Very Beautiful!)1-hirosaki-japan-cherry-blossoms-landscapes1
  • 2/6/2016 – A magnitude-6.4 earthquake hit Tainan, Taiwan (God bless them !)
  • 2/5/2016 – Sakurajima volcano Erupts in Japan
  • 2/3/2016JAPAN unveiled its 1st own stealth fighter plane – X2



  • 11/30/2015 – Gegego no Kitaro(ゲゲゲの鬼太郎) Manga Artist – Shigeru Mizuki  has passed away.
  • 10/6/2015 – Takaaki Kajita has won the Nobel Prize in physics for working and showing that the subatomic(neutrinos) have mass.
  • 8/24/2015 – The European Space Center is going to use the Japanese technology of the special electromagnetic waves to search the atmosphere atom of the signs of life in Ganymede (Jupiter’s moon) in 2020
  • 7/13/2015 – The president of Nintendo Game System Satoru Iwata passed away at 55
  • 6/26/2015 – Japanese Maglev train breaks the record of world speed with 600 km per hourjapan_maglev_train
  • 5/29/2015 – Volcano erupts on the southern island of Kuchinoerabujima, Japan.

  • 5/3/2015 – The massive magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal has killed over 7,000 and injured over 14,000 people. (God bless them !!!!!!!!)
  • 2/28/2015 – Yutaka Katayama, Father of Nissan (Datsun) Z series of Sport Cars passed away at 105 in Japan.

  • 12/10/2014 – The physicists, Nakamura, Akasaki, and Amano, who won the Nobel Prize were awarded in physics field for creating energy-efficient blue light-emitting diodes.n-nobel1
  • 12/3/2014 – JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) have launched SMOOTHLY of “Hayabusa2” Asteroid Explorer into space from the Tanegashima Space Center, Japan.   jaxa1
  •  11/22/2014 – 6.2 magnitude earthquake 16 km from Omachi, Nagano, Japan.

  • 11/10/2014 – Hayao Miyazaki (宮崎駿) was honored to receive a “Oscar life time Achievement Award” !200px-Spirited_Away_Kaonashi                                                      <—-  Spirited Away  —>


  •  10/1/2014 – The Hongkongese protest marks the BIGGEST demonstration in Hong Kong since it was handed back to China by the British in 1997.


  •   9/29/2014 – Mt. Ontake, Japan’s second highest volcano, erupts on 9/27 injuring many people and found 31 dead bodies…..
  •    9/12/2014 –  Tokyo wins bid to host 2020 Olympics (’20 年夏季オリンピック)  images2020
  •   8/20 /2014 – Deadly Landslides in Hiroshima, Japan

landslides happened in a residential area near a mountain in the Hiroshima city outskirts

  • 8/ 15 / 2014 –  Japanese sumo legend – Taiho

A ceremony to unveil a statue of the latest Japanese sumo legend Taiho was held in his birthplace – Poronaysk, Sakhalin, Russia. This smart move achieved through a big joint effort of friendship by the Russian and Japanese people.

  •    5/29/2014 – Hatsune Miku EXPO 2014 in Indonesia

Anime Expo was held in Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia in May,  2014.

  • 5/26/2014 – Two members of AKB48 were hospitalizedakb1Being attacked at the band’s booth meet-the-fans events. Rina Kawaei, Anna Iriyama, both broke bones……caused by a man.  😦
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J. Fashion – Sweet・Lolitaスイート・ロリータ

Sweet Lolitaスイート ロリータ – It is mostly childized and characterized by cute animals, fairy tale themes childlike attire. The clothes were inspired by the children of Victorian style clothing, especially in the movie of ‘Alice in Wonderland‘.  Today, some are inspired by popular pop culture cute characters; some suit just look like a fruit candy. The clothes are used for sweet lolita style are the most colorful one. The material is cotton velvet and twill cotton. Lace matched on it is made of braid. Sweet Lolita dresses  feature pastel colors, lots of ruffles, large bows, cute purses, elegant parasols and cute themed prints.

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J. Culture – Battleship Island: Hashima端島

Hashima Island端島 It is also called Gunkanjima軍艦島. Some called it as Battleship Island. This is one of the islands has been abandoned with the size of about 10 miles west from Nagasaki, Japan. The island has concrete buildings with surrounding steel wall. It represents a logo of industralization of Japan. This UNESCO World Heritage  steel island site discovered coal around 1810, and it was inhabited as a seabed coal mining facility. The island is gaining more attention not only for its heritage, but for the housing complex remnants representative of the Taisho and Showa period.

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J. Fashion – Drag Queen Makeupラァグクイーン

Drag Queen Makeupドラァグクイーンのメイク – If one wants to see a drag queen, one can go to Osaka.  There are a few famous drag queen night bars in Osaka shopping area where one can enjoy these unique nightlife drag queen activites as part of the adventure. In Japan, one can find some of the fiercest queens that nobody should missed out on the spectacular shows. However, want to be a makeup pro artists for drag queen, then several steps of the procedure need to be learned. Here are the steps: At first, trim eyebrows and apply gum to brows. Secondly, use a concealer to hide all flaws. Thirdly, apply powder and then foundation. Fourth, use the powder again to complete the look. Fifth, use makeup pencil to create different style of eye shadow below arch and above the brows. Sixth, use an eyeliner to create cute eyes look. Seventh, color the rest of face with metallic shades. Eighthly, use a white pencil to line the lower lid and create a black line with the Kajal pencil. Nineth, glue the lashes to the lash. Tenth, draw another line of Kajal on top of the lashes. Eleventh, use a lip liner to line the lips with optional a bright eyeshadow adding. Twelveth, apply special lipstick for the pouty effect………Done!


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J. Culture – World Heritage Site: Kofun古墳

Kofun 古墳 – It is a Osaka tomb that was built between the 3rd and the 7th century AD.  Kofun have a keyhole-shaped mounds called 前方後円墳.  There are circular-looked 円墳, “two connected rectangles” typed – 前方後方墳zenpō-kōhō-fun , and square-type hōfun 方墳 kofun. The range of Kofun from metres to several hundred of meter long. It was comprised a group of megaliths where a stone coffin was located in the chamber, with different accessories.




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J. Fashion – Geisha Makeup

Geisha Makeup芸者化粧 – They are Japanese women entertainers who are wearing kimono clothes through performing the traditional art, dance and singing. For Geisha makeup, it is called “Oshiroi”. Nowsaday, the makeup of apprentice Geisha is one of the most important heavy white face makeup characteristics. This makeup features a white base rice powder with bright red lipstick and black accents around the eyebrows. First, a skin wax substance called “bintsuke-abura” is applied to the skin. Next, white powder is mixed with water into a paste and applied starting from the neck and move upwards. Then, creates the illusion of mask. Use the makeup to cover the face, neck, and chest, with unwhitened W shape of areas left on the nape, to accentuate the erotic area, and a line of skin around the hairline. After the foundation layer is applied, a sponge is patted over the face, throat, chest, the nape and neck to blend the foundation. Next the eyebrows are coloured black with a charcoal. For, the lips colour, Geisha usually wear the top lip coloured in stylized, and the bottom lip in a curved stripe that does not just follow the shape of the lip.

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J. Movie – Zatoichi Challenged

Zatoichi Challenged座頭市血煙り街道 – It is a classic Japanese sword fighting movie that talks about Zatoichi Katsu the blind swordman promotes a sick woman to take her son to a father in the nearby town, but they somehow meet a samurai fighting friend of government while they travel together. Even though heavy snowfall, Zatoichi decides to fight and save the young boy and his family. During the battle, although Ichi won over the duel by stabbing his samurai friend, Ichi sacrifices himself to lose his sword by throwing it quickly into back of samurai’s servant who is received a order to kill the unarmed family of the boy. Finally, his governmental friend is now not able to fight with a defenseless person without a sword. It leads an end result that he admits defeat and leave.


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J. Life – Lord of Castle Cat: Sanjuro十郎

Lord of Castle Cat: Sanjuro – Sanjuro has a name of Samurai –  Tani Sanjuro, settled at the castle after he got lost from his home but acquired quickly this cool cat lord title at top of the mountain – Bitchu Matsuyama Castle – in Takahashi, Okayama, Japan. Sanjuro used to live with his owner – Megumi Namba. However, everyone in castle likes him and now he stays with the castle travel association. Now, he becomes a lord of castle cat who attracts many vistors to come for helping the recovery of surrounding area from a rain disaster.

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