J. News – Breaking News……..

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    • 7/9/2018 – 2 millions has to flee, many houses destroyed, after floods across the nation
    • 7/7/2018 – Mag 5.9 quake hit closely from Isumi, Chiba Prefecture
    • 6/29/2018 – Japan Football National Team reached round 16 of FIFA World Cup (Congratulation)
    • 6/18/2018 – Mag 6.1 earthquake hit in Osaka, Japan(God bless Japan!)
    • 5/17/2018 – Hideki Saijo, one of the famous J. pop iconic singers with almost singing half century long, has passed away(Sadly!) 
    • 4/8/2018 – Mag 5.9 earthquake hit in Shimane, Honshu, Japan
    • 3/7/2018 -Shinmoedake Volcano erupts in southern Japan
    • 3/6/2018 -Kazuhiro Tsuji, a makup artist, won best makup Oscar in ‘Darkest Hour’
    • 2/25/2018 –  Japan won 13 medals in total: 4 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze in PyeongChang, Korea of Winter Olympics
    • 1/24/2018 – A volcanic eruption at north of Tokyo destroys a Japanese ski slope 
    • 1/17/2018 – An Epsilon-3 rocket successfully launched a NEC observation satellite into space orbit 

  • 10/19/2017 – Mag. 5.8 earthquake hit about 100 miles away from Amami, Kagoshima
  • 9/3/2017 – Naohisa Takato won gold medal in 60kg title of World Judo Championships in Budapest, Hungary
  • 9/2/2017Princess Mako will marry Kei Komuro but losing the royal status due to her fiance is a commoner
  • 8/24/2017 -Hiroshima/Nagasaki Peace Group visits U. N.  at Geneva

  • 8/1/2017 – A magnitude 5.5 earthquake hit north region of Tokyo

  • 6/1/2017 – Launched the super accuracy of car and mobile navigation systems satellite into space successfully

  • 5/31/2017 – Japan launched “Michibiki-2 satellite” by H-2A space rocket at Tanegashima Space Center
  • 2/1/2017 – The Namco video game creater of ‘Pacman’, Masaya Nakamura, passed away on January 22
  • 1/27/2017 – Ozeki Kisenosato is a first Japan-born sumo ‘yokozuna’ winner of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament in 19 years.sumo-images1

  • 11/22/2016 – 6.9 mag. earthquake (evacuation alert) hit Fukushima, Japan.
  • 10/27/2016 – Prince Mikasa, uncle of Emperor Akihito, left us at the age of 100.
  • 10/23/2016 – Mt. Aso, a volcano on Kyushu island, Japan erupted.
  • 10/3/2016 – Yoshinori Ohsumi, cell biologist, won Nobel Prize in autophagy of medicine.yoshinori-1
  • 8/5 – 8/21/2016 – Japan result at Brazil Summer Olympics: Gold:12; Silver:8; Bronze:21

  • 7/12/2016 – “Sukiyaki” lyricist – Rokusuke Ei has died at the age of 83.
  • 6/9/2016 – Koshuke Morita, a professor scientist, discovered chemical atom 113 – “nihonium” 


  • 4/15/2016 – Big Earthquake in Magnitude 6.2 hit in Kumamoto, Japan.
  • 4/1/2016 – The “Cherry Blossom” Festival in Hirosaki Park  is held every year from the end of April to the beginning of May (Very Beautiful!)1-hirosaki-japan-cherry-blossoms-landscapes1
  • 2/6/2016 – A magnitude-6.4 earthquake hit Tainan, Taiwan (God bless them !)
  • 2/5/2016 – Sakurajima volcano Erupts in Japan
  • 2/3/2016JAPAN unveiled its 1st own stealth fighter plane – X2



  • 11/30/2015 – Gegego no Kitaro(ゲゲゲの鬼太郎) Manga Artist – Shigeru Mizuki  has passed away.
  • 10/6/2015 – Takaaki Kajita has won the Nobel Prize in physics for working and showing that the subatomic(neutrinos) have mass.
  • 8/24/2015 – The European Space Center is going to use the Japanese technology of the special electromagnetic waves to search the atmosphere atom of the signs of life in Ganymede (Jupiter’s moon) in 2020
  • 7/13/2015 – The president of Nintendo Game System Satoru Iwata passed away at 55
  • 6/26/2015 – Japanese Maglev train breaks the record of world speed with 600 km per hourjapan_maglev_train
  • 5/29/2015 – Volcano erupts on the southern island of Kuchinoerabujima, Japan.

  • 5/3/2015 – The massive magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal has killed over 7,000 and injured over 14,000 people. (God bless them !!!!!!!!)

  • 2/28/2015 – Yutaka Katayama, Father of Nissan (Datsun) Z series of Sport Cars passed away at 105 in Japan.
  • 12/10/2014 – The physicists, Nakamura, Akasaki, and Amano, who won the Nobel Prize were awarded in physics field for creating energy-efficient blue light-emitting diodes.n-nobel1
  • 12/3/2014 – JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) have launched SMOOTHLY of “Hayabusa2” Asteroid Explorer into space from the Tanegashima Space Center, Japan.   jaxa1
  •  11/22/2014 – 6.2 magnitude earthquake 16 km from Omachi, Nagano, Japan.

  • 11/10/2014 – Hayao Miyazaki (宮崎駿) was honored to receive a “Oscar life time Achievement Award” !200px-Spirited_Away_Kaonashi                                                      <—-  Spirited Away  —>


  •  10/1/2014 – The Hongkongese protest marks the BIGGEST demonstration in Hong Kong since it was handed back to China by the British in 1997.


  •   9/29/2014 – Mt. Ontake, Japan’s second highest volcano, erupts on 9/27 injuring many people and found 31 dead bodies…..

  •    9/12/2014 –  Tokyo wins bid to host 2020 Olympics (’20 年夏季オリンピック)  images2020

  •   8/20 /2014 – Deadly Landslides in Hiroshima, Japan

landslides happened in a residential area near a mountain in the Hiroshima city outskirts

  • 8/ 15 / 2014 –  Japanese sumo legend – Taiho

A ceremony to unveil a statue of the latest Japanese sumo legend Taiho was held in his birthplace – Poronaysk, Sakhalin, Russia. This smart move achieved through a big joint effort of friendship by the Russian and Japanese people.

  •    5/29/2014 – Hatsune Miku EXPO 2014 in Indonesia

Anime Expo was held in Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia in May,  2014.

  • 5/26/2014 – Two members of AKB48 were hospitalizedakb1Being attacked at the band’s booth meet-the-fans events. Rina Kawaei, Anna Iriyama, both broke bones……caused by a man.  😦

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J. Culture – Festival: Koinobori鯉のぼり

Koinobori鯉のぼりFestival – It is a festival of crap flags, windsocks crap streamers or windflying-fishs where the hand-made sky windsocks, also called  satsuki-nobori皐のぼり, are flown everywhere in sky to celebrate the traditional national holiday – Tango no sekku端午の節句. People are celebrated and decorated with Koinobori, in the hope that their children in family grow up well. The holiday usually takes place on spring that give a long break off from work for family members and workers about 1 to 2 weeks. The Koinobori windsocks, from the top of the pole down, are produced by drawing patterns on a beautiful flying fabric. The windsocks set made up of a pair of arrow-spoked wheels矢車 – “yaguruma” and flying-dragon streamer飛龍吹流し – “hiryu fukinagashi.” The color of a black koinobori represents a father and the color of a red koinobori represents a son.


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J. Fashion – Kawaii Mouth Masks

In Japan, people like to wear masks. One can see right next to people wearing kawaii face masks on the street, in a store, in a subway, and other places….. ……According to the research there, hiding the faces in public places by wearing masks can increase the self-confidence due to social awkwardness, especially during conversation. It is considered Japanese nice manners to show consideration towards the other people. Wearing mouth mask helps you prevent to catch a disease from others. It might be hilarious to trick those ‘Non-Mask Normie’ people into thinking of “You are sick” or “Do not want to talk” while one is trying to be ‘kawaii’ with this unique fashion. The quality of masks are good that usually made up of good cozy fabric or other materials. Some of the kawaii mouth colorful patterns in the shop can be customized for perfectly printing, like bears,  cats, dogs, Hello Kitty, and other characters. It is a time to put some makeup with a mask.

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J. Movie – Inuyashikiいぬやしき

This flying and fighting action packed movie talks about Ichiro Inuyashiki, an old man, is ignored and his family DR. has told him the ending of his life with a cancer. At the same time, Ichiro got himself striked by a thunderbird light on his body. Then, suddenly he has been gained energy and transformed into a high tech powerful cyborg to save people’s lives after he woke up……  …….On the other side, Hiro Shishigami is a high school student who also has been transformed into the same format of cyborg at the same time, but he acts like a devil to destroy people who are disobey to him while Ichiro tries to stop his action……..  ……..

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J. Culture – Folklore: Namahage生剥

Namahage生剥 – It is a traditional folklore in Japan. Usually people wear Ogre demon mask and Mino straw capes during the first full moon night of 15th day koshogatsu of the traditonal lunar year. Namahage nowadays takes place at ritual area of the Oga and Akita, Honshu, Japan. These scary demonic look people usually go to each house with fake Deba bocho(出刃包丁 ) knives and funny teoke(手桶) demonic pails for admonishing children who may be guilty of a bad attitude. The common thing they do is yelling out words – ” Nakuko wa inee ga – Any crybabies here?” and “Waruiko wa inee ka – Any naughty kids here?”



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J. Movie – Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal(無限の住人 Mugen no jūnin) Manji is a samurai warrior on the run after killing his lord…………and encounters Yaobikuni, an 800-year-old nun, who questions him and Manji found being was held hostage……….The leader of the ronin demands Manji to come without his sword and kills every bad guy before dying as Yaobikuni implants “bloodworms” into the body. Manji, the immortal warrior, is approached by Rin Asano who wants his aid to help the avenge. With the help of Manji, Magatsu is defeated. But Manji meets the Ittō-ryū member – Eiku Shizuma, who helps himself to have had bloodworms………Then, Kagehisa is going to Mt. Takeo to recruit a dojo master. But Kagehisa arrives to Mt. Takao, knowing that his followers were killed, he knows that is too late that Habaki set him up already……….After Manji and Makie arrive, resulting in a HUGE battle to protect Kagehisa.  While Manji learns from his mistakes before to save Rin and sends Shira falling to his death, the two fighting each other with Manji allowing Rin to deliver the deathblow in order to allow them to stay alive…………

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J. Fashion – Harajuku Pajamaパジャマファッション

Harajuku Pajamaパジャマファッション – Its style is all about laid back look of  “comfortable wear”. It has been a hit with teenager girls in Japan. Wearing of the style of “Roomwear” outfit can relax in at home to sleep or can be worn outside on the street for shopping too……..These soft clothes are similar to something one can wear loose-fitting pajama clothes with style.  There are many fashion stores in Japan, like gelato pique, RavijourSwankiss, SPINNSTokyo Hands Shibuya Store, and Shibuya Loft where one can find items related to as “pajama clothes“. Girls also do the simple light proper make-up on their faces with wearing cute animal printed pajama clothes, a lace negligee, sneakers, teddy bear necklace, manga buttons, big retro glasses and a tote bag…………….

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J. Culture – Opera: Kabuki歌舞伎

Kabuki歌舞伎-  it is an art of classical opera singing and dancing stage drama.  This avant-garde theater is well known for the elaborate make-up worn by the great skillful, styling and dancing performers in Kabuki theater. People called them as “kabukimono歌舞伎者”. It referred to the style of dress worn by Samurai warriors. Today, Kabuki is the most popular of the traditional styles of J. drama and J.movie. Singers and Movie stars often appear as kabukimono style in TV and movie film everywhere, like, “Bando Tmasaburo V” and so forth…. It also appears in Animation and J. pop culture. There are many major Kabuki theaters in big cities, like Tokyo and Kyoto area……..as well as many smaller one throughout the whole countryside, like Oshika, Nagano area……

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